Not just another backpacks, it’s Stealth.

Our Backpack Stealth is made of black metal bucket, fluerescent strips on the belt and a shell with waterproof coating.
You can choose through two different versions: one with a three-wire cable and another one with power bank and speaker.

Usefull feature, never be on late.

Our electric scooter is equipped with a backpack on the front and a long range battery that can achieve a mileage of 12Km.
The frame is made exclusively of aluminium alloy allow to be carried everywhere, it’s very small the dimensions are:

Unfolding size: 65 x 35.5 x 95cm
Folding size: 35.5 x 30 x 65cm
Suitcase size: 56 x 21 x 31cm

Dive into a new dimension.

You don’t need to put your phone inside, it has a built-in screen and runs Nibiru VR SYSTEM.
You can play at least 3-3.5 hours without interruption.
The device supports users with myopia up to 6 degrees.
A pair of glasses is recommended during use in case of more pronounced visual difficulties.

Enjoy our new smartmove LONGBOARD

Longboard can achieve 30Km/h on a maximum climb of 25° just using is 1800W Dual motor with a range of 20Km and a remote controller (2.4G Wireless).

Smart Connected Scooter.

The Smartmove HELLWAY is an easy and safe product with a
unique technical content, it is equipped with a battery charger
with UL certification, it has mobile app functions that
allow via Bluetooth to set the device for a
beginner use, standard or advanced user, view
on your smartphone or tablet, the path is set to
google map, partial and total distance, speed in km / h,
battery life, turn on and off the device e
listen to the music of yours through the bluetooth speakers
favorite playlist.

hellway black 6MB

What color will you choose?

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