Founded in 1971, HELVEI TECHNOLOGY SA is a Swiss company that designs, develops and manufactures smart devices designed to improve the quality of life in the context of innovative technologies. HELVEI is committed to the development of high quality devices, selecting and engineering safe and reliable products for its customers.
The HELVEI team considers itself the first customer of its products and is committed to reconciling technological trends, design, high quality details with particular attention to social issues and the environment.
The development of HELVEI products was initially focused on wereables (smartwatch, fit bands, etc…), and then moves towards electric mobility (skateboards, scooters, etc…). Hence the choice of combining the “Swisstech” claim with the HELVEI barnd.


Constantly in step with social changes and consumer habits,HELVEI is committed to the research and development of technologically advanced products, intended for the prevention and promotion of people’s health.
Combining this vision with the technical skills acquired over the years, HELVEI develops a new line of medical and personal protection devices, intended for the health, care, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors sustained by the claim “Built for your comfort life”.
In HELVEI, we carefully select our suppliers based on the quality of raw materials, the efficiency and speed of logistics in our global hubs so that the entire range of medical and protective devices complies with the main European standards.


  • Designing products in line with the times and needs of consumers
  • Raising the conventional quality and technological standards
  • Taking care of customer safety
  • Imagining ecological products
  • Believing that the future is the present
  • Living life the simple way is a true philosophy: no matter what you do or how much time you have to do it, what matters is how you do it and how enjoyable it is to do it.
  • “Technology for a better life”: making technology available to everyone


Our offices are open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am – 6.00 pm. You can contact us by sending an email to info@helvei.com.

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